Halloween is right around the corner, which can only mean one thing: it’s time to stock up on candy for trick-or-treaters (or if you’re like us, yourself)!

So what kind of candy can little monsters expect to receive this Halloween?

If your kids are trick-or-treating in Virginia, expecting a heaping helping of Reese's Pieces. According to retail review website Influenster, the confectionery classic is the preferred Halloween candy in the Commonwealth. In North Carolina, Nestle’s Butterfinger is most popular Halloween treat.

Influenster surveyed over 40,000 of their members to find out which Halloween candies are preferred across America. And much like American politics, Americans are as divided as ever when it comes to their candy of choice.

Despite taking the top spot in just two states, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups was named the overall winner by virtue of tallying the most votes. Only two other candies, Kit Kat and Butterfinger, were voted top treats by every single state in the U.S.

But taking the number one spot was Halloween staple candy corn. The polarizing candy, and let’s face it, you love candy corn or you hate it, was named the top snack in five states — Oregon, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and Wyoming.

In West Virginia, they may want to call for a recount. Oreo cookies, yes, Oreo cookies, not even considered a candy, was named the top Halloween candy.

So does your home state’s choice align with your candy tastes?