Georgia Department of Transportation met with Bibb Commissioners Tuesday to propose a new roundabout on Highway 247 at the intersection of Broadway and Houston Avenue. The area was chosen as a traffic study in 2016 because of safety-related concerns. According to the presentation, the area has seen 142 crashes from 2011 to 2015.

Looking at the intersection of Houston Avenue and Broadway on highway 247, Jeremy Pitts says it is not uncommon to see a car accident.

“We heard a noise and looked out the window and saw that there was a wreck,” says Pitts. He works across the street and says something needs to be done to make the intersection safer.

“People are usually speeding when they're coming down from 7 bridges and then when they get up here they’re going too fast to get off at Broadway or stop for the red light,” says Pitts.

GDOT proposed seven different options on how to address traffic concerns in the area.

  • Northbound flyover, remove signal
  • Northbound flyover, retain signal and realign broadway
  • Three-leg roundabout
  • Four-leg rounabout (includes Houston Ave)
  • Retain signal and realign Broadway
  • Convert signal to Green-T and realign Broadway
  • Broadway westbound flyover, remove signal

After looking into all seven options, the DOT says a three-leg roundabout and realigned signal were deemed to be the two best options. However, the presentation says the three-leg roundabout addresses safety concerns and high speeds whereas the signal does not.

(Above: Three-leg roundabout)

(Above: realigned signal)

“Cause there’s no signage and enough time down the road for anybody to have an idea of what they need to be doing if they're not familiar,” says Josh Brewer who works with Pitts. He says he thinks a roundabout could help, but he says it may take some time for people to get used to.

“I think the confusion of being able to use a roundabout is probably right now the biggest problem, but it’s definitely got to be better than it is,” says Brewer.

DOT says they are ready to fund the projects. They just need a letter of support from Macon-Bibb before they can commit funding.