Have you seen this photo floating around on social media of a couple bull sharks in the Apalachicola River in Georgia?

Here is the accompanying article to the post which shows the sharks swimming in what is meant to be the Apalachicola River. However, we reverse Google Image searched the photo and saw that it has been used in articles since 2013.

Also, the home page link brings you to a page that contains a form where you can create an article to prank your friends, so, this article is false.

However, that begs the question: can bull sharks be in a river at all?

According to National Geographic and The National Wildlife Federation, bull sharks can survive in fresh and salt water. It is entirely possible that a bull shark could be in a river.

The article also says that bull sharks are particularly dangerous, and that checks out too. Both sources both cite bull sharks as having aggressive tendencies.

To sum up, the article is fake, but some of the facts are true. It's important to check the validity of a source before posting it on your social media.


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