It's a dream deal for movie lovers. Pay $9.95 once a month and in return, you can see a movie at a theater every single day.

Well, yes, we can verify that it is a real service that does what it says. You pay the monthly fee, and they send you a credit card-like "moviepass" card that you use to buy tickets.

Customers can visit any of nearly 4,000 affiliated theaters and watch one film a day.

For reference, according to the National Association of Theater Owners, the average ticket for a single movie in the U.S last year was about $8.65 or just about a dollar less than the total monthly subscription.

KVUE's Jason Puckett did test the site and was able to create a membership. It informed him a card would be sent to him in 5-7 days and then he'd be able to use the app on his phone to reserve tickets.

Within the app, users can also type in their zip code to see which theaters support the service.

The so far unanswered questions are how is MoviePass paying for the in-between money? They seem to be paying full price for tickets each time to theaters, while customers are only paying the monthly fee.

Additionally, it's uncertain at this point if their model will change in the future.

Is there a catch?

The MoviePass only applies to "one standard 2D movie every calendar day at any participating theater," according to their website. The service doesn't currently support "special or enhanced screenings" like 3D or IMAX. And you can't use funds on MoviePass toward a special screening. "Using your card to purchase a different ticket is against our terms & conditions, which can result in your account cancellation."