A number of Verizon users were indicating that they could not send or receive calls Monday morning.

11Alive staffer Gary Davis says he and his wife, both Verizon Wireless customers, have been experiencing outages with their telephones this morning.

When he contacted Verizon, Davis said he had been told to turn off his telephone's LTE service to be able to make phone calls.

The national website DownDetector.com, which monitors internet data outages around the world, indicated significant outages for Verizon Monday morning centered in New York and Georgia.

The site Outage Report has similar reports, indicating outages centered around the New York City and Atlanta area.

Customers are saying online that they have been having problems since about 6 a.m. Eastern.

Verizon sent a format statement to 11Alive News at about 10:30 am, saying the issue had been resolved:

Verizon Wireless experienced interruption in voice service for some customers in the Atlanta area this morning. Engineers were able to quickly identify and resolve the issue and service was restored by approximately 9:45 am Eastern.

Online monitoring and reporting sites had not indicated any change in the system's status as of 10:30 am.