UPDATE: Dominique Malone appeared in court Thursday afternoon for an omnibus hearing. He requested that the court appoint a public defender and the judge approved that. He is expected to be back in court September 20 where a plea bargain is still possible.

HASTINGS, Minn. - A victim of an alleged domestic assault is speaking out in hopes of a longer sentence in her case, and for state lawmakers to consider toughening the penalties in future cases.

It is extremely difficult for MacKenzie Engman to talk about what happened.

"I'm angry. I'm pissed off. I'm broken. I'm sad," Engman said.

Dominique Malone was a man she thought would help raise her newborn son as his own, until earlier this month after an argument when MacKenzie says he attacked.

"He came in and just went crazy," she said. "He punched me multiple times."

Malone is accused of putting Engman's head through the drywall in her parent's bathroom, breaking her nose, her cheekbone and her finger.

"That's bad enough. But he did this to her, came out of nowhere and did this to her while she was holding our 11-day-old grandson. With no regard for his life," said MacKenzie's mother, Christine Engman.

Malone is charged with assault and endangering the child.

But the Engman family is upset, even starting a petition, after hearing from the prosecutor that they'll offer Malone a plea bargain to spend just 120 days in jail.

"He's not going to learn anything. He's going to get out and he's going to do it again," MaKenzie said.

Malone already has been convicted of doing it twice before.

This summer, believing he showed remorse, Judge Cynthia McCollum sentenced Malone to just 8 days in jail for putting his ex-girlfriend in a headlock and strangling her.

Also frustrating to the family is the fact the 120-day plea offer would actually be a tougher sentence than Minnesota's sentencing guidelines would call for. Based on Malone's criminal history score and the severity of the crime, the guidelines call for a 15-month stayed sentence, which means no incarceration.

"In the State of Minnesota, we need stricter more severe penalties for people who commit domestic violence," Christine Engman said. "If we can’t do anything for my daughter’s case, I certainly hope that in the future we can do something for other cases."

MacKenzie is telling her story in hope of reaching other women who might be victimized, and in hope the state will toughen up on domestic abuse.

The Dakota County Attorney said they don't want to comment until after a plea has been reached.

Dominique Malone will be in the Dakota County Courthouse on Thursday for a hearing where a plea is possible.