HOUSTON -- Newly released video from METRO Houston shows a child's very close call with a light rail train.

The video shows an older child run across the tracks about 10 seconds before a train arrives at a station. A second child tries to run across as well but only a couple seconds before the train's arrival. To make the situation worse, instead of continuing across the child turns back and jumps on a fence. In the video it appears the train comes within inches of hitting the child.

METRO says the incident occurred Oct. 16, 2016 but is now being released to encourage parents to talk to their children about rail safety:

"Moms & Dads, we appreciate everything you do, and we urge you to talk to your kids about rail safety. Remember, our trains weigh about 50 tons, which is the equivalent of seven fully-grown African elephants! They can't easily or quickly stop even if traveling slowly. Keep this in mind when a train is approaching a platform."