BUFFALO, NY - Some disturbing video posted on Facebook has caught the eye of investigators with the SPCA Serving Erie County. The video, which has gotten millions of views, shows a Buffalo man using profanity and forcing his dogs to clean up trash in his home.

The SPCA said later Tuesday evening they investigated the man's home, and no charges will be filed as his dogs were in good condition.

However, the video has also gotten thousands of shares and comments.

"Get up, you're not done in the garbage," the man can be heard saying.

This goes on for nearly a minute, then the man's second dog comes into view.

And, he forces that dog to pick up trash, making the claim that his dogs always get into the trash and make a mess, while he's out of the house. The video was posted on Aaron Riley's Facebook page, the comment at the top of the post says "told y'all I was gonna do it." The video has gotten more than 7 million views and more 112,000 shares. People on Facebook have expressed their disgust and praise.

"To me, it's basically abuse, animal abuse," said Jay DiGangi, who's been a dog trainer and groomer for 30 years, and works at St. Francis Professional Grooming & Training in Buffalo. He says he was disgusted by the video.

"Seeing the garbage all over, the dog has no clue or no idea what is going on," DiGangi said.

REPORTER: What is the best way to train a dog to make sure that the dog is not getting into trash?

"The best way is to keep lids on your trash," DiGangi said. "Let's say the dog had sensitivity to sound and a loud whistle, or a clapping, you set this up as a training session so you bring the garbage out, you set the can in the open and you walk away. The dog starts to go toward the garbage can and you make this sound, whether it be the clapping or the whistle blowing. In their minds, they're associating their action with this negative."

DiGangi says it can be a long process to teaching a dog good manners and he points out that what he saw in the video, can cause the dog to fear humans.

2 On Your Side reached out to Riley, but did not hear back.