Video of a Weslaco man cutting his grass while in his wheelchair is making its rounds on social media.

Rene Ayala is a single father of four who doesn't wait on a helping hand despite being confined to a wheelchair.

“I usually try to do everything on my own […] It’s really hard depending on people,” Ayala said.

The 45-year-old said he posted the video on his Facebook initially as a joke on Wednesday.

“I just posted it to make fun of myself,” Ayala said.

The warm response was overwhelming with multiple people offering to help Ayala get a riding lawnmower. A Gofundme page was even started in his name.

Ayala lost both arms and legs and suffered severe burns from a fire accident back in 1985.

“A gas furnace exploded and I got the worst end of it,” Ayala said.

He said his four children are his biggest motivators. Ayala hopes to one day save enough money to get prosthetic legs.

He said he’s extremely touched by the community’s outreach since the video.

“From the bottom of my heart I’m grateful,” Ayala said.

To help Rene Ayala, click here.