COBB COUNTY, Ga. -- A woman was arrested after she allegedly impersonated an officer in order to score Chick-fil-A.

Police said it happened on July 5. According to arrest warrants, Tara Marie Solem pulled into the drive-through a Marietta Chick-fil-A on Macland Crossing around 1 p.m. and pretended to be an officer to get a discount on her food.

When she was denied the discount, warrants said she went inside and demanded to speak to a manager. That's where Solem flashed a silver badge in a black wallet and told two different managers that she was a federal agent under cover. When managers told Solem that she had to be in uniform, she told them that would blow her cover and get her killed.

Warrants said Solem then called the Chick-fil-A corporate offices to complain about the situation, where she changed her story, telling representatives she worked as a "GBI agent." The Georgia Bureau of Investigation confirmed they had no one by the name of an "Agent Solem."

At some point, warrants said Solem's rant escalated and became profane to the point that staff called police. She was arrested by Cobb County officers and charged with impersonating an officer and disorderly conduct.

A magistrate court judge set Solem's bond at $6,500 and banned her from ever returning to the Macland Crossing Chick-fil-A.

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