Waves kicked up by strong winds Sunday caused some cars on a Washington state ferry to collide with each other.

Video shot by ferry passenger Jeremy Ridgway showed what happened when a huge wave hit the car deck near the front of the 11:05 a.m. ferry traveling from Friday Harbor to Anacortes.

"It was just like a wall of water came," Ridgway said.

The wave pushed a car 10 feet back, causing it to crash into another.

You can hear Ridgway's wife concerned about staying inside the car should it be pulled forward by the waves.

"She was worried because she's not a good swimmer. I was more worried if we got out of the car, another wave would hit and we would be pinched in between the moving cars," Ridgway said.

There were no immediate reports of injuries. Ridgway says his car was not damaged.

According to the University of Washington High Resolution model, the peak gust in Friday Harbor at around the time of that sailing was 46 mph.