CLARKSVILLE, Ind. – It's hard enough some mornings to show up for work, worse if you get attacked before you walk through the door.

An Indiana cop had an extremely unfriendly welcome recently courtesy of a goose in protection mode, and the embarrassing encounter ended up going viral.

Lt. Shane Bassett of the Clarksville Police Department posted a video on YouTube of a goose attacking his colleague Sergeant Detective Ray Hall. The video shows Hall attempting to walk from the parking lot to the front door of the police station after forgetting his keys.

An aggressive goose, likely trying to protect a nest of eggs, flew into him and Hall tried to defend himself with his bag. The goose tackled Hall into a bush, but fortunately, he was able to run away.

“Detective Hall forgot his keys,” Basset wrote. “He then attempts to enter the building and is challenged by our local geese… bad decision.”