A week later and leads are still limited on the location of Colorado's "Mad Pooper" - the woman accused of regularly pooping on one family's yard. But a toilet paper company hopes to change that.

The family told local station KKTV that the odd crime happened again and again before they dubbed the jogger with the name that will now go down in the annals of web history.

As USA TODAY reports, even in a world wrought with senseless violence, the Mad Pooper's antics astonish. There's a portable toilet at nearby John Venezia Community Park. A gas station not far from that.

Now Charmin is making a plea to the woman: "If the #MadPooper turns herself in, we'll give her a year's supply of TP to help with her 'runs' 💩 #EnjoyTheGo"

As for the value of the offer, The Gazette of Colorado Springs has crunched the numbers saying that the average person uses 60 sheets of toilet paper a day and a roll every three days. That would cost about $1.50 a roll.

Only time will tell if that's enough to bring this fecal fanatic's plans to a finale.