When the Gator Squad in Texas gets called out, they never know how big an alligator they may have to face.

They could have never expected this.

The squad was called out to a Houston home for what was reported to be a gator on the front porch, a Facebook post said.

The trapper found a lizard instead.

"Really, some people need to get back to the city," the post reads. " I still caught it, and safety relocated it to the neighbors yard. I don't normally charge for baby alligator removals but this is ridiculous... Should I charge a wildlife removal fee or not?"

Facebook commenters were sympathetic and amused.

"bill them for a preschool lesson in 'what animal am I...' said one.

"So glad you offer this service. Now I can tell my 81 year old mom to call YOU instead of me when a gecko gets in her house at 3:00am," said another.