BANGOR, Maine -- As the saying goes, dress for the job that you want. But when that job involves semi-nude housekeeping work, Bangor police recommend adopting a different philosophy.

The department is known for often posting funny messages to its Facebook account, and the write up that appeared Thursday morning about a shoplifting arrest was played largely for laughs.

Officer Dick Polk was credited with arresting a woman for stealing underwear from a local shop. Police suggested she may have committed the theft to support another activity that caught their attention.

Police said the woman was also connected to a handwritten flyer advertising "topless cleaning." Several tabs with the business's phone number had been pulled off the flyer, presumably by prospective clients.

Whoever was behind the department's Facebook message wrote, "It was only then that I realized that even someone involved in this burgeoning market would need a business wardrobe in order to present themselves in a professional and proper manner upon the initial approach to the customer."

Although the Facebook post highlighted the comedy of the case, the charges of shoplifitng and violation of bail conditions that the woman is facing are entirely serious.