ELKTON, Fla. - A St. Johns County woman said she found an object embedded in her Blue Bell Ice Cream tub.

Melissa Collins recorded the ordeal and posted it to Facebook.

“Because I didn’t think anybody would believe me, honestly,” she said. “So I figured okay, don’t touch it anymore, let’s get the camera on here and then we’ll get it out.”

Collins said she and her daughter bought the ice cream from a St. Augustine Publix to eat with apple pie and they found the object after a few scoops.

"I looked over and there was just like, a white thing, kind of sticking out from the top,” Collins said. “It was like rubbery and stretchy and I’m wondering where it came from.”

Collins ran the tub under hot water in order to remove the object. It appeared to be a rubber ring.

Collins reported the incident to Blue Bell.

“They asked me to mail the item back so they could test it and to see where exactly it came from,” she said.

In a statement to First Coast News, Blue Bell said:

“We were contacted by Ms. Collins today and have made arrangements to retrieve the object and examine it in our Quality Control Lab. We regret any inconvenience and concern this may have caused the consumer.”

The statement went on:

“We take all consumer concerns seriously. We will attempt to identify the object and determine its origin, and then share the results of our investigation with the consumer. Our number one concern is consumer satisfaction and our goal is to meet consumer expectations with each product we produce. We are committed to ensuring that every consumer has a pleasant experience eating our ice cream.”

First Coast News reached out to Publix to see whether they would pull any products as a result of this incident but we have not yet heard back.