The numbers are staggering.

30+ inches of rain (with more to come).

2,000 rescued.

More than 30,000 forced from their homes into shelters.

The images are heartbreaking.

Streets underwater. Homes unlivable. Lives in disarray.

The needs are immense.

Food. Water. Shelter. Emotional support.

Our will to help is even greater.

Long after Harvey finally dissipates, and the national spotlight fades, Texas will still need your help.

That's why TEGNA has launched Texas Cares. It's an initiative encompassing all 46 TEGNA stations in markets across the country to support those in need following Hurricane Harvey.

All money raised in Texas Cares will be donated to the Red Cross Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund, helping those directly affected by the storm.

“Harvey’s devastation has shattered the lives of millions across Texas,” said TEGNA president and CEO Dave Lougee. “Our stations are coming together to serve the greater good of our communities and help those who need it most."

For us, it's personal. KHOU is TEGNA's Houston station. They were among the thousands displaced by Harvey.

"In Houston, while KHOU’s building was flooding, the station continued to provide vital coverage across platforms," Lougee said. "I am incredibly proud of the work our stations are doing to keep their communities informed and safe while providing help and relief to those who need it most.”

Here's how you can help. Fill out the form below, or visit here, and place your donation.

Your donation will go towards providing food, shelter, relief supplies, emotional support and recovery planning for the victims of Hurricane Harvey.

An average of 91 cents for every dollar is used for humanitarian services and programs, and only a small amount is used by the American Red Cross for fundraising and management. The Red Cross honors donor intent, and your donation will be designated specifically to Hurricane Harvey relief efforts. The TEGNA Foundation will match the first $100,000 of donations.

We are brothers and sisters. Families and friends. Neighbors.

When disaster strikes, we come together and rise up.

That time is now.

Join 13WMAZ and show Texas that YOU care.