Since the school year is starting, and many parents are sending their kids off to their first day of kindergarten, first day of middle school and first day of high school, many parents probably wonder how they plan on keeping in contact with them.

On Morning Rush, we're asking the question: When should your kid get a cell phone?

With technology being so advanced and with the invention of apps that so many kids are addicted to, when is the best time to start exposing your kids to that? As soon as they can speak? Maybe only when they turn 16?

There is no definite or right answer.

A father of five in Colorado is trying to pass legislation that won't allow kids under the age of 13 to purchase a cell phone.

However, more and more parents are starting to get their kids cell phones earlier and earlier because sometimes parents need to feel connected with their children, which is understandable.

But with cell phone use, comes risk and those risks are sometimes debilitating to think about, like sexual predators and other scams that target young people.

11Alive produced a series of stories and investigative research on apps that contained explicit content that could create dangerous situations for your kids. Click here to see If My Parents Only Knew

According to an article on CNBC, children's presence on social media is growing but adult supervision has dipped. Even though it has become easier to track your kids' cell phones via GPS, that means it is also easier for predators to track them as well.

So, the question remains; when should you buy your kids a cell phone?