COWETA COUNTY, Ga. -- A woman reportedly told Coweta County deputies witchcraft was behind her decision to shoot up and burn a home.

Lindsey Wells, of Decatur, was arrested Wednesday night after calling 911 to turn herself in. She's charged with aggravated assault and first-degree arson, but the home she allegedly targeted was the wrong address.

Jenny King was at work that night, but her teenage daughter and son were home watching TV in the living room.

"They were sitting on the couch and this lady just walked up onto our porch back here and just started pacing back and forth," one of them said.

The teens instantly got off the couch. The woman looked through the kitchen window and locked eyes with King's daughter.

"They made a really smart decision. They got out of the living room and went to hide," King said.

Investigators said the woman outside was Wells. She had a gun and shot through the back door - twice.

"One of the bullets went into the ottoman where my son had been sitting," King said. "The second bullet hit a throw pillow where my daughter was sitting," said King.

As the teens called 911, deputies said Wells took off and drove to a Waffle House 2 miles away. Per the incident report, Wells called 911 and confessed. She said she was suicidal and had mental disabilities.

She also allegedly told deputies that she practiced witchcraft and was trying to kill her cousin. But investigators said she clearly had the wrong address. Later, they discovered more damage to the Kings' family home.

"Apparently they found some lighter fluid cans in her car and they said we need to come back and check the house," King said.

On the side of the home, they found a swath of burnt grass and a section of siding melted off.

"She tried to use lighter fluid all the way on it and set some paper on fire," King said. "Fortunately, it just fizzled."

King doesn't like to think about what would have happened if the fire had continued.

"I just keep thinking my kids were in there. I could have come home to a much different scene," King said.