Cold temperatures might make you want to stay inside, but many have to fight the cold for work.

No matter the temperature, Coznavian Stubbs, a heavy equipment operator for the Macon Bibb County Solid Waste Department, says he has stands outside for most of his day.

"it's cold in the winter," says Stubbs."You could feel the wind blowing hard and it gets worser the higher it goes up."

Landfill manager James Peters agrees. He compares the temperature at the top of the landfill to being inside an icebox.

"The winds are brutal on the landfill. No trees. We got 80 acres and no trees, so the wind is just whopping," says Peters.

Both employees say they use different methods to cope with freezing weather.

"Most counties like Macon-Bibb, they supply the workers with uniforms and jackets and gloves and stuff like that," says Peters.

"You try to do a little bit of work and get warm as quick as you can. The biggest thing is this suit I have on. It protects you from the wind," says Stubbs.

Construction workers at Navicent face the same chill.

"We got a heater down there, too, so if it gets too cold, we just walk down there stand under the heater," says construction worker, Isaac Grinell.

Some too cold to speak say they're just trying to get through the cold day and make it back to something comfortable and warm.

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