As soon as the Bulldogs won the first round of the college football playoffs in the Rose bowl on New Year's Day, one central Georgia family was busy rooting for Bama to take down Clemson in the sugar Bowl to set up the all Conference showdown.... and that's exactly what happened making it a special matchup to come for the Amos family.

"The first thing you think about is do you have torn allegiance and I certainly don't cause if my son is on the team then that's the team I'm going to be a fan of and team I'm going to pull for," Bill Amos said.

That's because Bill Amos is a proud Georgia grad but has a son who plays for Bama. Westfield graduate Giles Amos walked on to play for Nick Saban two years ago and will be in Atlanta Monday looking for his team to win a national championship over the Dawgs which includes an old friend and baseball teammate in Jake Fromm.

"It's something people dream of but it never really happens but that's something cool to say that Jake and I played together back in the day. To see the success that's he's been having is so crazy I don't think even Jake could have dreamed of. It's amazing and I wish him continued success," redshirt freshman Giles Amos said.

Amos is the only Central Georgia player on the roster. He's listed as a 6'4, 240 pound tight-end, and although he's yet to log in some playing time as a redshirt freshman, Giles and his family tell me they are having the time of their lives.

"Just got him to have the opportunity to live out his dream and to see him enjoy himself and to enjoy his friends on the team that he's gotten to know," Lura Amos said.

"My life was a life long football fan and I only wish he was here to see it. He would be proud and he was a life long bulldog but I can assure you he'd be yelling Roll Tide if his grandson was on the sidelines," Bill said.

So come Monday night, whether it's Roll Tide Roll or go Dawgs sic em, the Amos family is just proud to be on the side of a historical matchup with son Giles in the mix...