College baseball post season is well underway, while 6 teams across the country are busy fighting in the College World Series hosted in Omaha, Nebraska.One team on the outside looking in is the Mercer Bears as they fell short of their ultimate goal.

"Our last 14 we just didn't play well, we were 4 and 10 and I'm not sure if we didn't play well our other teams just played better against us," Mercer baseball head coach Craig Gibson said.

The Mercer Bears started the season off with a bang and were once leading the country with a 35 and 7 record.. with an amazing start but an uneventful end to the regular season and conference tournament play, but all in all.. a quality resume for the Mercer Bears.

"It was a great season we were the regular season champion. Two academic all americans, the player of the league, several all conference players, swept UGA this year and we lead the state of georgia in wins. Certainly a great season but we are upset that we aren't playing this weekend," Gibson said.

The Bears fell short of the Conference tournament championship, being eliminated on day 3 and out of the College World Series conversation and even after the departure of Golden Spikes winner Kyle Lewis, the team still took a big step forward.

"When you lose your best player and your best coach, the program keeps going and thats the difference between now and ten years ago. The expectation now is that we win championships and things keep going," Gibson said.

And going and going... Gibson says things are looking up for the Bears inspite of their short comings, so stay encouraged.

"We're excited about those guys.. Matt Blair is coming up from Tattnall. He was their number one pitcher and pitched them to a state championship game. He's a guys thats going to have a chance to jump in and be a piece of our bull pen, he's tough and I love his arm slot. His breaking ball is a plus breaking ball so he's going to jump in and help us," Gibson said.

The Bears have been preparing a strong recruiting class two years down the road, and Gibson said there are strong players that will join the Bears even in 2018.

"Even down the road a couple of local kids who committed as juniors are going to help us in Leyton Pickney and Tee Adams those guys are big pieces for the future. The future is certainly bright here its exciting time here, the commitment is at an all time high and the players are really good. We got some great pieces next year that are on the mound," Gibson said. "We potentially have 4 or 5 really good draft guys in our junior class here and its going to be an exciting time for Mercer baseball in 2018."