A year ago, the sporting world suffered the loss of the champ, Muhammad Ali at the age of 74, heralded as not only one of the top boxers to ever step in the ring but one of the most influential athletes ever.

It was 28 years ago that Muhammad Ali pulled up to this Warner Robins shop en route to Fort Valley State as the grand marshal of their homecoming.

"That Friday afternoon around 4:30, I saw this Chrysler pull up with Sarge and Muhammad Ali got out of that car and I got nervous and sweaty, I never seen or felt anything like that in my life. He came in here and actually got a haircut. There were no cell phones or access to a camera. So the next day at the game I asked him for a picture and he said yes and that was one of the greatest days of my life that picture with Ali," Jacko Davis said.

The champ's impact with the sweet science and political activism was felt globally and even right here in central Georgia. Jacko Davis who also moonlights as a stand up comedian had another chance to meet the champ at his 64th birthday celebration in Louisville, and Harris still was in awe of the retired king of the ring.

"I took that smaller version of that picture so he could sign it but with his condition it kept him from it. I took that picture to jog his memory and I showed him the picture and he gestured to his head and that showed me that he remembered me from that barbershop," Davis said.

The former Olympian had several ties to the Peach State, and was a surprise guest in 1996 when he lit the torch to begin the Olympics in Atlanta, a legend that Davis says will live on forever.

"Everybody knew Muhammad Ali. Everybody doesn't know Michael Jordan. Even kids today know that name Muhammad Ali and that legacy will live for a long while and I'm just privileged to walk with the Muhammad Alis of my time," Davis said. " He's a great individual I love him and he's my all time favorite, no doubt about it."