There is a special opportunity for all sports fans in Central Georgia to check out a sports exhibit that travels all around the state. For the next 6 weeks, Forsyth will host the HomeTown Teams Exhibit which showcases the great sport artifacts from Monroe County and the sports world. It's an opportunity Reggie Mays is taking full advantage of.

"It's just complete joy, I hope I can bring my grandkids here so they can see what they Papa used to do. It's been nice I appreciate it," former Mary Persons Bulldog Reggie Mays said "

It's been 37 years since Reggie Mays stormed down the field in the Pitt, and helped bring Mary Persons its first and only state football championship.

" It was about 40 pounds ago, but it takes me back and relive those moments I kind of try to remember what I was thinking on certain pictures I see on the exhibit. It takes me back brings a little light to some rainy days, Mays said."

The vision to recreate these memories for Reggie and the entire Monroe County community began two years ago. After the city received a 2,500 dollar grant from the Georgia Humanities Council, they were selected as one of the 12 Georgia towns partnering with the Smithsonian Institute to host the exhibit.

"You can see the little pieces that are set they are kind of the base for this, they have ones that travel to every different location in the state that's really the base and we put all the local history together, economic development director Michael Norris said.

"Once it started coming in and everyone saw what we were doing more and more items were coming in and we realized we had something special going, Norris said."

The historical display launched this past Saturday with the inaugural induction of the Forsyth Monroe County Sports Hall of Fame class. And while the exhibit will remain open for 6 more weeks, all the former players and executives are hoping it's not the last time they can revisit the past..

"It's just been a joy, I am really enjoying it, I will be back, Mays said."

The exhibit is located on 126 East Adams Street.

Hours: M-F 10:00 am- 6:00 pm

Sat and Sun 1:00 pm- 5:00 pm