WARNER ROBINS, Ga. -- A little leaguer from Georgia has gone viral after he hit a grand slam that looked like it could have come off the bat of a big leaguer.

Jayce Blalock hit a grand slam for the Peachtree City National Little League team on Sunday team that measured to about 375 feet and traveled into the trees well beyond the outfield wall.

The team was playing in the Southeast Regional Tournament and is trying to earn a spot into the Little League World Series. They need to win two more games to make it to the global tournament.

Blalock has been a power hitter for some time, and one of the announcers on the ESPN broadcast knew what he was capable of doing.

"He can hit in the trees," the announcer said. "If he can hit it that far, that would be amazing."

You were saying? #LLWS pic.twitter.com/QcWJnimLnV

— Little League (@LittleLeague) August 6, 2017

No sooner did he finish his statement when Blalock, 13, hit a fastball out to the trees.

"That was the craziest part about it, the best part about it," Blalock told 11Alive on Monday about the coincidence with the broadcast. "I didn’t aim, I just really hit it. That’s not my farthest one."

Wait, what?

Blalock said he hit a home run in the Little League Home Run Derby that traveled about 395 feet. He's just in 8th grade, but he's hitting long balls that could be a home run in most major league stadiums.

"It was incredible, but I’m used to him doing it," Jayce's dad, Previn, said. "He’s been hitting home runs since he was 8. I’m definitely proud of him."

According to Previn, Jayce hit about 49 home runs in the Derby, with many of them traveling over 360 feet. But Jayce had been in a slump recently before Sunday's home run.

"It was building up and it all came up in the one at bat," Jayce said.

Jayce's favorite sports are baseball and football, and he plays both at Trinity Christian School in Newnan, Georgia. His favorite all-time player is Jacky Robinson, and his favorite current player is Andrew McCutchen from the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Jayce has always had power, but now he's working on his speed. Robinson and McCutchen are the perfect guys to study for that.

While Jayce's home run has been everywhere, from social media to national television, he's trying to stay focused on the World Series and helping his teammates continue on their run.