AUGUSTA, Ga. -- With the rain coming down at Augusta National and play suspended, Monday gave golfers on the PGA Tour plenty of time to sound off about controversy from the day before.

Golfers chimed in on the 4-shot penalty that cost Lexi Thompson a second major title at the ANA Inspiration on Sunday. Thompson was assessed the penalty after a viewer emailed officials and told them she slightly moved her ball on the 17th hole Saturday. She was assessed the 2-shot penalty for moving her ball on Sunday, a day later, then another 2 shots for turning in a wrong scorecard. She did not win because of the penalty.

Justin Thomas knows how Thompson feels all too well.

“It's frustrating, and I think it needs to go away. It needs to change,” Thomas said on the rule.

Thomas had the same thing happen to him at the Tour Championship in Atlanta last year. His ball slightly moved on a putting green before he was able to putt.

“It’s the only sport where someone can just call an official,” Rickie Fowler said, upset over the fact it was a viewer that caused all of this to occur.

Thompson had a metaphor for what it would be like in any sport. He compared it to the college football national championship between Alabama and Clemson this past January.

“Perfect example, I would call those refs in the national championship and say that last play was a pick play, Clemson. And now Alabama wins the national championship.”

A proposed rules change is on the table for the PGA tour, but it won't come until 2019. Regardless, it’s too little too late as far as Thompson is concerned.

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