The Champion's Dinner is one of Augusta National's "Traditions unlike any other" at The Masters.

Every year, the previous year's winner hosts a dinner for all the other Green Jacket winners. Englishman Danny Willett won his first Masters last year. So, it's up to him this year to host the event and create the menu.

Willett's brother, Pete Willett, wrote for National Club Golfer that he has a hunch what Willett's menu will be like.

Most of the hosts base it off their heritage. Jordan Speith, from Texas, had a bar-b-que. Adam Scott, Australian, had an Australian wagyu steak. You get the picture.

But Pete thinks Willett may turn to his mother's Swedish cooking, something he said could be Willett's "secret weapon."

Here are some of the food descriptions, according to Pete:

"For starters, a delight from her homeland: hard boiled eggs smothered in a pungent fish roe...Imagine the claggy, cold, mushy bounce when biting into an overdone ovum and combine it with the musky, saltiness of something squeezed out of the end of a fish."

He goes on.

"Take sliced bread, and lay it out the length of a table, then fill it with multiple layers of congealed horror. Not satisfied with the quadruple-decker monstrosity packed with all manner of pickled vegetables, flaked fish and sweaty cheese, you then lather it with a thick, sweet cream."

Is your stomach churning, too?

Hopefully, Pete was joking. He's known to have a pretty good sense of humor (sometimes taking it a little too far).

But if this really does end up being the menu, then there might be a low turn out this year.

Read more about Pete's predictions about the menu.

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