On the same day someone will put on the green jacket at The Masters at Augusta National Golf Club, an online bidder purchased an authentic green jacket for $139,348.80.

That's a hefty increase from when the jacket was first sold for $5 at a thrift store in 1994 by people who didn't realize its significance, despite its familiar logo on the breast pocket and buttons.

On Sunday, the jacket was auctioned by Green Jacket Auctions, a golf memorabilia website, early in the morning. The bidding began on March 22 at $5,000. Augusta National Golf Club confirmed its authenticity, according to the listing. However, the club would not reveal whose jacket it was.

"The jacket itself revealed few clues. The internal tagging definitively dates the jacket to the early 1950s - one of the earliest green jackets in existence. But the original owner’s name was tantalizingly cut out of the jacket," the listing states. "Its internal tagging from Cullum's department store in Augusta unquestionably predates the Cullum's tags inside 1957 Champion Doug Ford's Green Jacket."

Speculation about this jacket has been rampant since it was found all those years ago. It was included on the cover of Golf International magazine in 2007 when model Jodie Kidd wore nothing but the jacket on the cover.

Green jackets are the official attire worn by members of Augusta National Golf Club while on the grounds. When a golfer wins The Masters, he becomes an honorary member of the club.

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