This year, the Warner Robins Demons look a little different than they did last year. For one, they have 9 wins on the season, but they are also sporting new jerseys.

"You look good and you play good," senior wide receiver Jaydon Norman said. "Everyone is excited because they are Adidas. "

The Demons are walking around with a little extra flair this year, and it's not just because they are scoring touchdowns, it's because of the uniforms they get to flash on Friday nights. Head Coach Mike Chastain and the other coaches pick the jersey combination for the team each week.

"It's cool, you know -- a major upgrade from last year," senior Julius Cobbs said.

And since the coach is calling the shots, they are extremely confident with their new style.

"Coach has got a swagger," Cobbs said.

And that swagger that comes with each jersey doesn't look like it's going to fade away.