Kam Holsey has hosted his skills camp for three years at Hancock Central High, but is teaching more than just the basketball fundamentals.

Kids small and tall took the court to learn from a Hancock Central all-time great...

Kam Holsey played basketball at Georgia Tech, saw some time in the NBA D-League for the Detroit Pistons, and has also played overseas.

But the 2008 high school state champion has returned back to his roots to host his third annual skills camp.

" I like it, it's really fun here we learned about footwork, shooting dribbling, and rebounding and ball handling," nine year-old Deven Nelson said.

It's not just the basketball fundamentals these kids have learned. For the past two years, Kam has created a camp theme in hopes to give them an edge in their game. last year, he taught persistence, and for camp number three, the word is pride.

As the campers learned, pride is not just limited to the court, it's applied in every part of their life.

"In basketball I feel like it will help me have more confidence in my game and be better in school and be humble, "Teamber Gilbert, 16 years old

"in order to work hard it takes some pride to do it. They understand they have to work hard in life, not just in basketball camp, but also in the classroom. Go home and help your mom wash dishes taking pride in just being clean," Kam Holsey said

It's that attitude that helped Kam achieve his success, and now he takes pride in giving back to his community.

"Your actions speak louder than words , I know they are always watching me all the time, so I just think about them watching and I want to help them out a lot," Kam said.