Bacon lovers and baseball fans are fired up for the Macon Bacon. But the team name won't be the only thing that's new at Luther Williams Field come opening day on June 1.

The stadium is getting a makeover.

Macon-Bibb County commissioners went whole hog and approved $2.5 million for improvements to Luther Williams.

Those upgrades will include refurbished seating, a 'kid's zone' with a bounce house and activities, and special VIP seats.

For the 21-plus crowd, a beer garden will be built just past third base. Team representatives say it could be the largest beer garden in the southeast.

Even with all these upgrades, the team aims to remember its legacy.

"We want to keep the history," said Macon Bacon marketing director Tyler Vertin. "I know a lot of people are concerned that we're gonna take away from that. We definitely want people to remember that there's been a lot of baseball that came through here and a lot of great baseball players."

To make sure those legends aren't forgotten, the team's building a wall of fame to honor those who either are from or played in Macon.

If the team gets the kind of response it's hoping for, there will be plenty of fans to admire them.