It's official: Macon's new baseball team is called the Macon Bacon.

City leaders made the announcement Wednesday evening at the Georgia Sports Hall of Fame.

The other choices were narrowed down to the Macon Heat, Noise, Soul, and Hits, but Bacon won out.

"I'm delighted and excited to be the mayor when baseball comes back to Macon," says Mayor Robert Reichert.

Macon Baseball reps said they had nearly 2,000 submissions from fans, but Macon Bacon was clearly a homerun.

"It's funny." "I think it's good," remarked two young fans.

Bacon-themed snacks passed out before the announcement may have tipped some fans off about the winning name.

But no matter how you "slice it," there's no denying that fans are ready to see baseball back in Macon.

"Now we don't have to go all the way to Atlanta to watch baseball," says Jessica Waits, a devout baseball fan.

Hats and t-shirts flew off the shelves as people purchased Macon Bacon merchandise nearly a year before the team will throw out the first pitch.

The opening date for the Bacon's season is Friday, June 1 at Historic Luther Williams Field, which is set to undergo $2.5 million in renovations.