You've seen them nearly every Friday night in Forsyth. At every high school football game, the Mary Persons Bulldogs hit the field with the same introduction, but before the players can run through the banner, it has to be rolled, raised, and ready for ripping.

That's where the Mary Persons cheerleaders come in. Every year, they come up with several themes they want to use for banners. Once they plan out their themes, they will start to tape and trace the banners during the off season.

"Over the summer, we tape and trace the signs and that is a pretty lengthy process," senior cheerleader Hannah Blessett said.

They then design the image on the computer, and use a projector to display it on the bleachers in the gym where they can trace.

Once school starts, the squad will meet on Tuesday's to finish painting the banners in a couple of hours.

"We want to make our signs really pop and big because it shows our pride and that we really support our dawgs," Hannah said.

But the spirit is not just about the Dawgs. Their support extends well beyond the football field. They have 8 spirit themes which focus on school spirit, and 4 themed banners which honor those who have battled cancer.

"This [week] is supporting our troops and saying thank you for everything they do, and also in remembrance of 9/11," Hannah said.

So whether the banners are for the troops, or for their team, the meanings behind the banners live on even after they're torn.

It's a big thing on bringing together spirit, and bringing together the fans and everything. It's always a tradition that we have done, and we are just keeping the tradition alive.