If horseshoes are considered lucky, then West Laurens High should have luck on its side. Every Friday, Colby Upshaw hopes to bring that luck into Horseshoe Stadium with Suzie.

But before the pair can prance across the field they have to practice.

"Usually a couple days a week, I get on her, exercise her, make sure she is feeling good and everything," Colby Upshaw said.

It starts with laps around the arena to keep Suzie in shape, something they've been doing together since he was 8 years old.

"Colby is a typical teenager, he loves his video games but he also enjoys riding horses, he has found the balance but he has done it all his life so its not a chore for him." Colby's mom, Tracy Flores said.

And he is no stranger to the saddle, competing in Junior Rodeos for years helped give him the edge to be this year's mascot even as an 8th grader.

It's their first year under the stadium lights and even though its not his first time taking the reins, he still gets those pregame jitters.

"It's kind of nerveracking, but its fun at the same time," Colby said.

After all, it's not easy steering a horse through a crowded football field.

"I almost ran over one girl," Colby said.

But almost only counts in horseshoes.

While Colby is hoping to keep this gig until he graduates, he also hoping he can turn play time into a full time career.

"I want to go to UGA to be a vet, because I just like working with animals and mainly with horses," Colby said.