The Atlanta Hawks clinched their 10th consecutive appearance in the NBA Playoffs on Saturday.

It's the second-longest active playoff streak in the NBA only behind the San Antonio Spurs who have 20. It's also the third-longest active playoff streak in major professional sports.

To stress just how impressive the Hawks' accomplishment is, we've put together a list of 10 things that were going on in 2007 when the Hawks last missed an appearance in the postseason.

1. iPhones didn't exist

The first iPhone wasn't released until June of 2007, meaning iPhones weren't around the last time the Hawks missed the playoffs. Instead, everyone was grieving through texting on their flip-phones with a message like this one: 444 6 # 7777 2 3 # 2 22 666 88 8 # 8 44 33 # 44 2 9 55 7777.

2. Netflix begins streaming

Netflix had just announced that it will start streaming video. Psh, not interested. Just keep mailing me those DVDs.

3. Barack Obama was running for President

A man from Chicago named Barack Obama had just announced he was running for President.  We didn't know much about him other than he was a junior United States senator. Meanwhile, Donald Trump was in WrestleMania

4. To the left, to the left

We were all still singing "To the left, to the left," because Beyonce's Irreplaceable was one of the top songs at the time. 

5. The Atlanta Hawks is...

We still had the word "is" in front of all of our Facebook status updates. Facebook had just released a mobile version of Facebook. No apps yet.

6. Braves look to begin new streak

The Braves had just begun a new season after snapping their streak of 14 consecutive playoff appearances. Instead of beginning a new playoff streak, they continued a playoff drought streak.

7.Michael Vick was still the QB of the Falcons

Vick had just finished his final season with the Falcons before his 2007 dog fighting case that would send him to prison. For reference, Matt Ryan was going into his senior year at Boston College that year.

8. Tyronn Lue was a member of the Hawks

Tyronn Lue was a point guard on the last Hawks team to miss the playoffs. Since then, he's played for three other teams, coached three other teams and became the head coach of the Cavs, winning the NBA Finals last season. 

9. Al Horford led the Florida Gators to NCAA Title

No doubt former Hawks player Al Horford helped with the team's current playoff streak. But the last time the Hawks missed the playoffs, Horford had just won the national championship with head coach Billy Donovan (now OKC head coach), beating Ohio State in Atlanta. They were the first repeat champions since Duke in 1992.

10. Stafford on the scene

Matthew Stafford was going into spring football with an impressive freshman season under his belt. He had led the Bulldogs to a Chick-fil-a Bowl win over Virginia Tech. What was coming the next year was going to be extra sweet.

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