Things are getting ugly in Knoxville.

The Georgia Bulldogs built a 24-0 lead over the Tennessee Volunteers by halftime.

But it got just as ugly in the stands as Tennessee fans started fighting amongst themselves. A fan sent a video to Barstool Sports of a fight that broke out. The scoreboard is visible in the video, and it looks like it actually occurred late in the first quarter when Georgia had a 10-0 lead.

Warning: Video may contain language some may find unsuitable.

The fight probably had nothing to do with what was happening on the field, but who knows. Maybe some words were exchanged about the team's poor performance or head coach Butch Jones, who's on the hot seat.

There's still a half of football left, but things don't look good for Jones.

The Bulldogs were able to build a 24-0 lead while Tennessee's offense, led by junior Quinten Dormany, could hardly move down the field.

The frustration is evident in Knoxville.