The meeting has been set. Peach County and the GHSA Board of Trustees will meet at 1 p.m. Monday, December 12th in Thomaston, according to Peach County Principal Ken Hartley.

The Peach County administration sent a letter to the GHSA over the weekend voicing their concern with how the officials handled a 4th quarter call in the GHSA Class 3A State Championship game this past weekend.

Peach County was attempting to rally after trailing 10-0. They managed to kick two field goals to make it a 4-point game in the fourth quarter. Peach County had the ball with 3:41 remaining, and on fourth down decided to take a shot towards the end zone. Noah Whittington caught the pass, and his knee was down at about the 1-yard line. As he extended the ball towards the end zone, it popped out as he hit the ground. The referee ruled it incomplete.

According to GHSA rules, judgment calls cannot be overturned or reviewed.