This Friday, Frank Malloy and Ben Jones will be live at First Presbyterian Day for our Tailgate special.

The First Presbyterian Day Vikings (5-1) will host the Stratford Eagles (4-2) at 7:30 P.M.

The two teams have played since 1975, with the exception of a four-year break from 2010-2013.

Stratford won 20 of the 40 matchups, while FPD won 19. There was also one tie in 1979.

Both teams are 1-1 in region play this season.

Our coverage starts at 5 P.M. We will highlight players to watch, and take a look at what this 40-year old rivalry means to the kids that play in it.

Until then, make sure you vote in this week's Jones Zone.

And for highlights of all the games in Central Georgia, make sure you tune into Football Friday Night at 11:35 P.M.