If you have gone to any Mount De Sales sporting events, or even any games at Mercer University, you've probably heard Tom Mead.

He has been the steady voice for the Mount De Sales Cavaliers as the public address announcer for the past two decades. He calls multiple sports for the Cavs including basketball, softball, baseball and of course football..

He is also the PA announcer for the Mercer Bears.

"I do feel connected to the team, I really enjoy doing it. It's great doing it, it's great fun. I am a sports fan, so I get to watch a lot of games, thousands of them probably over the years, It's just a fun thing to do,"

He actually started this enthusiastic hobby back when his daughter played softball for the Cavaliers, as a way to spend more time with her, and although she graduated in 2000, he decided to stay behind and take over as the voice for Mt. de sales sports.

Now his job varies on each field, sometimes he is in charge of the scoreboard, the walk up songs and of course reading the lineups, but no matter what his responsibilities are, he takes tremendous pride in doing the job correctly, a work ethic that has inducted him into the MT De Sales Hall of Fame.

"Its a real honor that people appreciate the work I put in to it and how hard I try to do a good job," Mead said.