The last time Georgia played for a national championship and won it all, the man who was in charge was none other than Vince Dooley. A couple of weeks ago, the retired coach-turned-author talked about his assessment of this year's team and what makes them special like his 1980 Junkyard Dogs.

“Kirby has done a terrific job in his second year, for a lot of good reasons. Good coaching job, but also some great players that instead of going pro came back because they thought it was important. A great linebacker with tremendous speed and the a young quarterback from Warner Robins that came in and has been absolutely phenomenal as a true freshman to lead this football team in Jake Fromm, so a lot of things have come together to make this a championship year, an SEC championship year and the potential of being a national champion. A Rose Bowl victory and a win in Atlanta -- how 'bout those dogs?” said Dooley.