The holidays are here and almost everyone wants it to be cold with a winter wonderland.

It only takes one post on social media for everyone to get excited about the possibility to see snow.

Could we see a few flurries later this week? Maybe, but don't get too excited.

Temperatures will be well below average for the rest of this week as a strong cold front sweeps into Central Georgia.

Clouds and scattered showers will be possible Wednesday through Friday.

The big question is if the cold air to the north can meet up with the moisture to produce wintry precipitation. As of now, the chance is possible, but appears low at this moment.

Once the cold front stalls in South Georgia, moisture from the Gulf of Mexico will spread into Georgia Wednesday through Friday. What does that mean for us?

We'll see clouds, occasional showers, and chilly temperatures. High temperatures are forecasted to be in the 40s and 50s. Scattered showers will be possible through Friday evening.

On Friday, even colder air will continue to spill into Georgia from the north. Could the cold air meet up with the moisture to our south to produce a wintry mix of rain, sleet, and maybe a few snowflakes?

It is definitely possible, but at this time confidence is low and accumulation appears unlikely.

Models are going back and forth on various solutions. A few models show a little bit of snow mainly in North Georgia while others show just a cold rain.

Don't get too excited about snow as it takes the perfect ingredients for it to occur.

In most cases, those ingredients never meet. The ground is still incredibly warm and accumulation is not expected.

The best potential to see snow showers will be across North Georgia and areas north of I-20 Friday and possibly into Saturday.

We'll have a better idea on what could happen by Thursday. No need to buy milk, bread, and eggs.

If the forecast changes, the 13WMAZ Weather Team will be here to let you know.

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