People in Milledgeville and Baldwin County got a glimpse Tuesday's of Irma's damage, like on the front campus of Georgia College and State University, where the once-lush green lawn was covered in debris.

"It's like I can't believe this is the same place where we sit out and read or eat lunch and hang out," GCSU student Amara Tennessee said. "It's kind of disheartening."

It's disheartening for people in nearby neighborhoods, too.

"I saw this one here come over into the backyard and we had to run out of the kitchen real quick because it looked like it was coming in the window," Wayne Redd said.

But it didn't. Redd says his family is lucky that their house didn't get any damage from both of the trees that fell in their yard.

"I'm thankful the good Lord spared us there," Redd said.

Trey Britt wasn't so fortunate. A large tree in the front yards of one of his properties fell right into the corner of the roof. His contractor was already prepping for repairs to the Carrington Woods home.

"We're cleaning up all the tree, got the house all tarped in to start doing the remodel on it to get it taken care of," contractor Frank Arnold said.

Baldwin County Emergency Management Director, Troy Reynolds, says there are still a lot of trees on homes and power lines on the ground.

"All these power lines that are laying around, treat them as if they're hot power lines," Reynolds said. "You don't get but one chance to find out, so just stay away from them, because we don't know either."

Reynolds asks people to stay off the roads if they can, and to be patient as recovery crews work.

"Stay out of the help's way and allow people to work," Reynolds said.