Now that the worst of Irma has gone past Central Georgia, the roads are filled with Floridians going back home.

Traffic was a little heavier than normal on I-75 as many Floridians headed home after the last of Irma. A Miami couple says driving to Savannah took them 16 hours when it normally only takes 9.

“We literally left at midnight hoping that traffic will be somewhat of a breeze. It wasn't it look like rush-hour,” says Mario Garibaldi.

The Georgia Emergency Management Agency says they are urging people to wait to drive home because many gas stations in South Georgia are closed or low on fuel after some tanks were flooded. Laurie Harris says she just moved to Port Charlotte, Florida from Long Island less than a month ago.

“That's why we didn't leave so fast, because the gas stations started closing. They ran out of gas and I don't know what is worse, staying through a hurricane or being caught on the road with no gas,” says Harris.

Mirlane Silva and her family came from Boca Raton, Florida. She says gas was not the only thing hard to find.

“It was crazy trying to find gas. Trying to find water, food. In some places like Publix and Walmart, we can't find anything because everybody goes there,” explains Silva.

But they say as long as everyone is safe it is all worth it.

“Our family is more important than things you know,” says Silva.

Though some travelers say they're not sure what to expect when they get home they are just glad to have each other. Many of the people traveling say they're not sure what kind of damage they are going to find when they get back to their homes.