Traffic on I-75 south has been pretty slow moving all day, and even though the Georgia Department of Transportation was urging people to stay off the roads Tuesday, some evacuees say they needed to get home.

Tuesday afternoon, thousands of evacuees packed Interstate 75 as they began their journeys back home.

Cars flooded gas stations throughout Bibb County.

Cars kept rolling in, creating long lines at fuel pumps as people prepared to merge back onto the interstate against the Georgia Department of Transportation's wishes.

At a press conference Tuesday morning, GDOT says many places in south Georgia and Florida are still without power and gas, and Georgia Governor Nathan Deal said assessors still had work to do.

"There must be bridge inspections for any bridges leading into those particular areas that were supposed to have been evacuated," explained Deal.

But some evacuees say waiting isn't an option, as they have to get back to work and back to the people who need them.

GDOT says if you are traveling over the next few days, you can call 511, the statewide hotline that will provide you with current traffic and road conditions.