Several streets off Vineville Avenue in Macon took a hit from Tropical Storm Irma.

Snapped power lines and a car crushed by a tree can be seen on Overlook Avenue, and just down the road, you can see a large tree blocking traffic.

Chainsaws hacked away at fallen trees off Vineville Avenue Monday afternoon.

The corner of Ridge Avenue and Riverdale Drive took a big hit from Irma's winds.

"There was a tree down there, another down there. It's just been nonstop on Riverdale," said Hayden Entwistle.

Entwistle is housing about a dozen family members trying to outrun Irma, but even here in Bibb County, they saw what the storm could do.

"I opened the door and the first thing I saw was this," said Entwistle, pointing to a massive tree on his elderly neighbor's home.

"I couldn't even get in the door. I mean, it was so... We were right there at the door," he said.

Entwistle and his father rushed across the street to try and help. Luckily, everyone inside was okay.

As we drove through the area, we saw trash cans knocked on their sides, debris in front yards, and trees blocking roads.

"We heard a loud crash noise, and immediately, our power went out," said Lisa Vance.

Vance lives on Overlook Avenue. She says when the winds picked up speed Monday afternoon, trees toppled onto their property from across the street.

"It crushed our fence, but it didn't hit the house," said Vance.

The huge pine tree blocked traffic all afternoon, and neighbors were forced to find alternative ways home.

Lieutenant Randy Gonzalez with the Bibb County Sheriff's Office says, so far, no serious injuries have been reported from storm damage.