People in Peach County lost power Monday afternoon when trees fell on power lines near their homes.

Some lost power around noon in the area of Friendship Circle, across from Fort Valley State University.

Kaneisha Causey and her family left their home, which had lost electricity, to travel to her aunt’s home.

“We had three trees come out of the ground and fall past the house and heavy wind. The trees were going back and forth swaying from side to side,” said Causey. ”It’s scary. We need phones to keep in contact with other family members and make sure everyone is OK, and I also hope that everyone else is OK that’s in the same position we’re in.”

Causey said no one was injured and the house did not suffer any damage.

Randall Williams stopped by the area to check on his aunt, who had lost power.

”It’s rough out here. It’s hard to see. Thank the Lord we came through it nicely. That’s the good thing about it,” said Williams.

Winds snapped thick trunks of trees and large branches in the area.

A curfew is in place, preventing all non-essential travel until 6 a.m. Tuesday morning, according to Sheriff Terry Deese.

At Fort Valley State University, a tree fell onto the science building. Police did not know the extent of the damage.