Tropical Storm Irma put up a fight in Central Georgia Monday, taking jabs at power lines, blocking roads, and putting a choke hold on traffic.

Gray Highway was one of the victims Monday.

Emergency crews are working hard to contain the mess, but for Allison Sommers, she is left in the dark.

Sommers says the storm brings with it more wind and extra responsibility.

"It's kinda nerve-wracking, but he was actually next door at grammie and grandpa's first thing, so since then it's, ya know, let's play some toys, let's color until, ya know, one of those big gusts comes up, and he's like, 'Momma,'" said Sommers.

Through this responsibility, a learning experience, Sommers says she now can teach her son, Bentley, the importance of staying away from windows in events like this.

Bentley, shaking his head in agreement, when asked if he's ready for Irma to make her exit.

Safe to say, he speaks for most of us here in Central Georgia.

As for emergency crews, they have been out on the roads all afternoon to survey damage. However, it is unknown when people will have power again.