Many of us rely on first responders in our time of need, but after Tropical Storm Irma came through, one Central Georgia fire station had a tough time responding.

Evan Ricks is no stranger to responding to emergencies, but Monday, he responded to an unusual one -- one at the station he volunteers at. A tree fell on the roof, crushing it but sparing their trucks.

“21 years, I grew up and knew every guy on here,” Ricks said. “I started being a junior firefighter when I was 15.”

For him, he sees this place as a fortress, a place that helps keep others safe. That’s the Horse Creek Fire Station in southern Telfair County.

“Just to see our little old station ruined, it's pretty bad, but we're going to do the best we can,” Ricks said. “It’s heartbreaking to see what all we've worked for be gone by this storm.”

He’s thankful they were able to finally get the two trucks out.

“There’s nothing going to stop us and this storm isn’t going to stop us, we’re going to do what we can,” Ricks said.

That volunteer spirit is what will continue to keep the county safe, one call at a time.