Kris Kross Legacy Looms Large Over Atlanta

ATLANTA (WXIA) -- In an industry of sound, the influence of Kris Kross still reverberates throughout the recording studios in Atlanta, where the duo is remembered for being 13-year-old trail-blazers, known for their energetic style and wearing their clothes backwards.

"They actually had an effect on me wanting to be in this business," said hip hop producer Fatboi, as he hammered out beats at Patchwerk Studios in Midtown.

"I put my pants on backwards one time and got in trouble in school."

As a producer, Fatboi earned his nickname not because he's fat but because his sound is. He's produced for the likes of Gucci Mane, Young Jeezy, and many others. He says the dynamic duo of Chris Kelly and his partner Chris Smith made an indelible mark on Atlanta and the world.

"After Kris Kross everybody was trying to get their own little kid rappers and trying to find their niche how they're going to shape and mold them," said Fatboi.

V-103's Greg Street says the group's rise with Jermaine Dupri and his So-So Def label is the stuff of Atlanta legend.

"Just to be able to know them and see some of the stuff they were able to accomplish was just amazing from the basement of Jermaine's house," said Street.

But bringing others into Atlanta to follow in their footsteps gave a jump-start to the city's recording industry.

"People were buying the CD's and opening them up and seeing where these guys made these records and where they recorded," said Patchwerk owner Curtis Daniel III.

"They would try to get in the same places and try to work with the same producers that they worked with."


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