Mike Epps responds to claims that he attacked Ga. comedian

ATLANTA -- Comedian Mike Epps has taken to Twitter to respond to claims that he attacked a local man.

Lavar Walker, a local comedian, says he was attacked by Epps after poking fun at him on Instagram. Walker made a video that mocked Epps, playing on a recent feud between Epps and fellow high-profile comedian Kevin Hart, and posted it to the social media site. He said Epps heard about the video and confronted him Saturday night outside Uptown Comedy Corner in northwest Atlanta.

According to a police report, Walker claimed Epps punched him in the face as soon as he stepped outside of the club. Walker, a pharmacist and local comic, said Epps and two other men then hit him repeatedly, slammed him into Epps' Ferrari, kicked him in the stomach and threw his cell phone on the venue's roof.

Walker, along with his attorney Chris Stewart, spoke with 11Alive News Sunday night. Walker said he had never met or spoken to Epps, but received a voice message from the big-name comedian soon after the video hit Instagram. Walker said Epps indicated he wanted to meet him at Uptown.

"He struck me," Walker said. "He struck me and two other guys he had with me struck me, hospitalized me and beat me. All over a joke."

Fellow local comedian Bo Micadelic was standing outside and watched Walker come out of the side door and walk toward Epps. He said a third local comedian told Walker Epps wanted to see him.

Bo said he never saw Epps actually hit Walker, but said it was clear the comedian was behind the attack.

"He was just standing there like an overseer," Bo told 11Alive's Blayne Alexander. "Before [Walker] could get close to Epps, a bodyguard or friend punched him. When he fell to the ground, the same dude who punched him kicked him in the head."

Bo said the suspects crushed Walker's cell phone and threw it on the roof of the building next door. Bo gave Walker his phone to call 911.

"That's when Epps came back out and he was basically taunting him," Bo said. "He said, 'oh you're gonna call the police now?' Then he said, 'you better not make any more videos about me.'"

Walker suffered heavy bruising and cuts to his head, and was treated at Grady Memorial Hospital, according to the police report.

Atlanta Police spokeswoman Kim Jones said investigators have not issued a warrant for Epps' arrest.

Epps himself fired off three tweets about the alleged attack. In the first tweet, he said, "I wanna apologize to all my fans ,for the false that's put on me right now !" In the second, he said, "Bandits never attack a empty boat! Iam blessed". In the third, he stated "Can't believe everything you read folks".


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